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Viva Alpaca Farm

Hokkaido Kamikawa-gun Kembuchi-chou Higashimachi 3733 banchi VIVA Alpaca Bokujou
Phone Number: 0165-34-3911

Purpose of holding

In recent years, cycling has been getting attention in regards to fitness and sightseeing, and large cycling events within Hokkaido cities like Biei and Furano have been garnering interest.

In 2016, Kembuchi created cycling routes to provide an innovative self-guided sightseeing tour and also created a cycling club for the townspeople.

This cycling course consisting of repurposed and rejuvenated agricultural and municipal roads ties together the Northern Hokkaido area and offers a new and large charm to the area.  

In order to spread the appeal of cycling and increase sightseeing by bicycle to the masses, we have planned the first cycling event to be held in Northern Hokkaido.

Experiencing the joy and convenience of cycling is the key to increasing travelers and cycling enthusiasts.

Holding an event that connects four towns also showcases the charm and appeal of the region.

We hope to increase travelers and interactions with one another by hosting this event during Hokkaido’s most spectacular season.