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About Kembuchi

Welcome to the town of Kembuchi!

Kembuchi is an agricultural town located in the northern part of Kamikawa.

The rice and various vegetables cultivated in the area’s rich soil receive high praise.

Last year, a cycling course was completed utilizing pre-existing agricultural and municipal roads, and many cyclists enjoyed their experience on the course at Kembuchi.

The beautiful nature of the gently sloping hills that expand to the east and west as well as the area around Sakuraoka Lake were used as a filming location for the film Jinjin.

In spring the area is dyed pink with cherry blossoms. In summer you can enjoy scenes of azure green which turn to crimson in fall, and in winter revel in the wonders of a world of silver.

No matter the season, you can appreciate the beauty and wonder of nature year-round in Kembuchi.

Cycle Ride Around Start and End Point: Sakuraoka Lake Area

Accommodations: Lakeside Sakuraoka

Take advantage of the natural hot spring with a large bath and sauna room.


The Picture Book Countryside Family Vacation Village Campgrounds

Get a bird’s eye view of Sakuraoka Lake.

There are 19 “auto sites,” where you can park your vehicle on site and pitch a tent right next to it. There are also many flexible sites where you may pitch a tent away from your vehicle. 

There is a cycling course that utilizes the hilly slopes, and one that wraps around the lakeside as well.